10th Sep 2014

Can’t believe its already been 9 months. He was tough to keep still for these as he is really moving around and exploring a lot now. Still no words yet, but very good motor skills. He is eating a lot […]

27th Aug 2014

At 8 months, he is really crawling around and exploring now. He has much better motor skills and if you watch him closely, he occasionally brings himself to the standing positions and balances for around 10 seconds! Its very fun […]

21st Jul 2014

Declin is starting to get better. His blood results are still off, but they are much closer to normal. His immune system seems stronger and his reflux is finally under control. He also hit tons of milestones as he has […]

12th Jun 2014

At 6 months old, he started sitting up on his own, and pushing himself up to the sitting position. He hasn’t quite started crawling yet, but he is on all fours all the time. Still a little sick, blood results […]

12th May 2014

At 5 months Declin is really starting to move intentionally, knows how to grab things, sits up with his own strength. Talking a lot, but just mumbling, no words yet. Plenty of hair on his head now. He is also […]

12th Apr 2014

Still having health issues, not that you can tell from the photos. Lovely 4 day hospital trip and they told us… he had the common cold. Some fantastic doctors “practicing” medicine over there. More prayers they God miraculously makes him […]

10th Mar 2014

Declin at 3 months old. He looks pretty happy, but this is shortly after we found out about Declins blood condition. Elevated platelets (over 1 million) and bad white blood percentages. We were basically jailed to the house because Declin […]

13th Feb 2014

At two months old we finally got a big smile during the photo shoot. Its a somewhat sad time right now because Declin has been diagnosed to have blood platelets over 1 million. This could be a sign of just […]

18th Jan 2014

So just passed 4 weeks and got some great photos. I (Seth) was out of town at WordCamp Phoenix 2014 but got these teasers of my kids. #missinghome

10th Dec 2013