13th Sep 2014

We joke about it but seriously, this kid is always smiling. What a blessing to our family.

10th Sep 2014

Can’t believe its already been 9 months. He was tough to keep still for these as he is really moving around and exploring a lot now. Still no words yet, but very good motor skills. He is eating a lot […]

28th Aug 2014

Declin found and played with the giant coke bottle. We store pop can tabs that Seth has been collecting for years inside. Declin also showed his first teeth through his gums today.

27th Aug 2014

At 8 months, he is really crawling around and exploring now. He has much better motor skills and if you watch him closely, he occasionally brings himself to the standing positions and balances for around 10 seconds! Its very fun […]

29th Jul 2014

Just a candid little shot of Declin with a golf club for his first time… nom nom nom nom.

21st Jul 2014

Declin is starting to get better. His blood results are still off, but they are much closer to normal. His immune system seems stronger and his reflux is finally under control. He also hit tons of milestones as he has […]