13th Feb 2014

At two months old we finally got a big smile during the photo shoot. Its a somewhat sad time right now because Declin has been diagnosed to have blood platelets over 1 million. This could be a sign of just a virus, or something as serious as leukemia. His last test results indicated that his levels are evening out, and we hope at the doctors appointment on Friday that we get more good news and that he is back down into the normal range of 150,000 – 300,000.

All that being said, he is actually a pretty happy and consolable baby! Which is fantastic and wild contrast from Jason, who seemed to be sad most of the time and difficult to appease. Right now baby Declin sleeps really good during the night. He usually goes to bed around 7:30PM and gets up maybe once a night to eat but is otherwise sound asleep until around 7:00AM, sometimes even later! The sleep he allows us to get at night is typically amazing given that he is an infant. What a blessing.

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