27th Aug 2014

At 8 months, he is really crawling around and exploring now. He has much better motor skills and if you watch him closely, he occasionally brings himself to the standing positions and balances for around 10 seconds! Its very fun to watch him develop this last month.

He occasionally attempts to kiss you back. He likes to scrunch his nose and pant to laugh. He still doesn’t really talk, but he can do the “dadada” and “bababa” and “mamama”. We believe he knows his own name, as he responds very well to it now. He is starting to eat more solids and we are going to be trying some dairy to find out if he is still allergic or not.

We just got blood work back, platelets are still elevated around 600k and his white blood cells are still out of proportion. We will be seeing an immunologist. Besides being a little grumpy or waking due to the fact his teeth are about to come it, he is generally a really happy baby. Every jokes around that he is “never in a bad mood”. A blessing since he still sleeps in the master bedroom with us given his possible medical condition.