9th Nov 2022

Here is the Candeo school photo from 2022 taken in the fall.

4th Oct 2022

The new recreational soccer team starring Declin Edward Carstens!

1st Jan 2022

See photo if Declin in action.

6th Dec 2021

Video of school class singing math song to remember the 3s multiplication table

29th Oct 2021

Declin went out for his first “weekday” game. Everyone had a great time.

10th Feb 2021

A school activity required building some art that we wanted to showcase and journal!

27th Aug 2017

Declin starts again at QI, this time though he goes Monday through Friday half days. Also, funny video after Declin share a small portion of Starbucks coffee. httpss://youtu.be/9k-EUyVdGBk  

31st Jul 2017

Declin was a fish this summer. He completely forgot how to ISR swim, but in just a few lessons he immediately had it figured out. By mid July he was basically swimming on his own. He has amazing upper body […]

31st May 2017

Played at the gym with another mom and their kid. Went to the park and played on the playset. Had his first “last day of school” picture with poster. Went bowling with Jason for Jason’s last day of school celebration.