27th Aug 2017

Declin starts again at QI, this time though he goes Monday through Friday half days. Also, funny video after Declin share a small portion of Starbucks coffee. httpss://youtu.be/9k-EUyVdGBk  

31st Jul 2017

Declin was a fish this summer. He completely forgot how to ISR swim, but in just a few lessons he immediately had it figured out. By mid July he was basically swimming on his own. He has amazing upper body […]

31st May 2017

Played at the gym with another mom and their kid. Went to the park and played on the playset. Had his first “last day of school” picture with poster. Went bowling with Jason for Jason’s last day of school celebration.

29th Apr 2017

April seemed like a pretty standard month. Less activity and more just normal weeks and normal days. Normal for Declin right now is 3 days of school a week, and they are only half days.¬†From what I (Seth) remember, we […]

31st Mar 2017

Declin got into the pool for the first time in 2017 this month. Enjoyed some time with the cousins, playing “Ashley’s son” where they walked around the house pretending to go to school, and field trips. She didn’t dress him […]

28th Feb 2017

  Did well in school Started liking different foods, like strawberries. Played flag football in the parents kids scrimmage Doing¬†better using the bathroom and dressing himself independently. Starting to like more complex movies. Field trip to aquarium.

31st Jan 2017

In January, Declin started his first day of school, EVER! Today Declin was excited about, playing outside. He had lots of fun on the play-set. Declin met his teachers today, they got along great. Declin cried at school today because […]

31st Dec 2016

December was a busy month, and a timeline event for Declin, since its his birthday month! Since Declin is still too young to journal, this is his dad, Seth Carstens speaking. As of today, here are some of his traits: […]

30th Nov 2016

Daddy doesn’t remember much of November, so there won’t be much to journal about unless Mom decides to write something. Thankfully, we do at least have a few photos to help us remember this time. Update – remembered that this […]

3rd Oct 2016

Declin started the funny “shake your tail feather” dance at Disney… which would later become a thing him and Jason do when they are being goofy.