December was a busy month, and a timeline event for Declin, since its his birthday month! Since Declin is still too young to journal, this is his dad, Seth Carstens speaking.

As of today, here are some of his traits:

  • Favorite Food: Mac N’ Cheese
  • Favorite Color: “I can’t talk about it right now dad, I’m eating” later we learned it was green.
  • Favorite TV Show: “Little Einsteins” even though he watches Special Agent Oso everyday
  • How do you get to heaven? “Its on the way while walking to Liz’s house”. Womp womp. We think he heard Kevin instead of heaven, who lives next door.
  • Where does God live? “In a house like we have.”
  • Favorite christmas gift? “I don’t know, I forgot already”. His brother thinks it was his stuffed spiderman.

Some other updates in lifestyles have changed recently. We stopped taking naps very regularly, and sleeping through the night was tougher in December. Competition with his brother has really started and how they have to have “the same amounts of everything”. Another arising problem, Declin thinks he can do everything Jason can do… which creates hissy fits when Declin doesn’t get to do 9 year old events.

A review of video taken Christmas morning: