31st Jan 2017

In January, Declin started his first day of school, EVER! Today Declin was excited about, playing outside. He had lots of fun on the play-set. Declin met his teachers today, they got along great. Declin cried at school today because he wanted his mommy. He did some activities at school today including washing dishes, learned some Chinese. The first thing Declin said when mommy went in is “Shhh, you gotta whisper!”, Declin said its because the other kids sleeping (in a whisper as if they were still sleeping while writing our Journal, pretty funny). Mommy said he did pretty good for his first day and really didn’t get upset until late in the day. ¬†Declin started this year with 3 half days a week. ¬†He is now attending the QI Montessori School at Spur Crossing, in Cave Creek Arizona. His mom and dad had his brother Jason in a school run by the same teachers, but a different location. We hope to see Declin learn amazing things, and be ahead of the curve just like his brother. During the month, he started acting differently in the ways he wanted to emulate and have exactly what his brother does, and has. Walks, talks, eats, and acts just like his brother… with some extra tantrums like a normal 3 year old. Some pictures from Dad to remember the month by, are attached.