declin_lion_1_day_oldThe timeline has begun!

Happy birthday Declin.

The true “hello world” of life.

4 comments on “IF(declin_is_born()) { Hello world! }

  1. Seth Carstens on said:

    Happy birthday Dec. My favorite moment was when you cuddled your head under my neck, and somehow that was soothing so you slept like that for 2 hours to give mom a break at the hospital. That and a moment I missed when you projectile pooped all over mommy… that would have been priceless to have on video!

  2. Roger James Carstens on said:

    Hi,lil buddy. Happy birthday! You have come into this world with 2 wonderful parents and 1 big brother whom Im sure will watch after you. As my statistics have it, you are the second born and will probably be a “Lil Rascal” Dont be shy. You tell the world who you are and go get em!!!! Love ya,Grampa Roger.

  3. Nephew Declin welcome to the family. So tiny and cute you have already stole so many hearts. I enjoy every photo I see of you. I look forward to every moment I get to spend with you and watching you grow up everyday before our eyes. You are such a lucky little boy. You will soon find out god gave you the best family a boy can have. You are already so loved. You have a fantastic mommy and daddy. A terrific big brother and we cannot forget your doggy Bogey. Good luck in your journey of life little guy. I am so thankful to be a part of it. I thank god for giving you to your parents to share with us. I wish you happiness, health and nothing but the best!

  4. Nephew Declin,
    Auntie Mary, cousin Jaxon and I are so excited to watch your journey through life. You are just 6 months younger than your cousin and we are so greatful that the two of you will be able to grow up together. We will always be there for you through out life and just know that we will be here to guide you when you have your ups and downs. I am looking forward to the journey that god has given you and us! I Love You Uncle Jerome